Custom Mini cards for yourself or your business

Tiny little cards that make a gift extra special.

Mini Cards

Welcome to our first blog post! This is the first in a series of blogs about arts and crafts projects presented at the Tooele County Arts Guild meetings. We are glad to share some of the smaller projects with you online.

Whether you prefer a trendy look or you want a small work of fine art, it's easy to create a card that represents your business, family or event. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Gather materials

Glue stick

card stock

Envelopes - any size

Small flat items to layer - can be purchased or made (seen here are tie-dyed hearts)

Paper to paint or dye - wrapping tissue works well for this layer

Scissors or paper cutter


Pencil, pens, and watercolors

30 minute project, easy level.

The cards pictured were made to fit a mini envelope, but any size is fine.

Find an envelope and measure it. Take 1/4" off each side so it fits inside your envelope and test. If it's too snug cut a little more, or make it a little larger. This is your sample or template. Cut your card stock twice as long as this, and exactly as tall. Fold in the middle and you have your card. Now add layers - three is the minimum for a layered card.

The first layer here is a tie-dyed piece of paper, but you can make it a printed item, a piece of cloth - anything that is flat and can be glued to the card. Cut it a little smaller than your card, leaving a margin of white.

Now add the 2nd layer. Here we've used tie-dyed hearts, glittered swirls and stars, but printed photos cut into shapes are also fun.

Overlap the last layer for a finished look. Though some cards look great with two layers, usually it takes three to give it that extra touch to make it stand out. Once you've glued them all in place let dry for an hour or so before putting them into the envelope, just in case you've overdone the glue. Next post to #tooelecountyartsguild so we can see what you've done!

Need more ideas? Try these - #artcards #handmadecards #thankyoucards

These cards are pretty sweet. Not your cup of tea? Why not use your own art. If you're a painter, use tiny pieces of canvas with a single stroke of paint color (or two). Choose a great image to feature your work and send a thankyou note after a sale, for extra engagement.